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The Actief, may I introduce?

A sailing ship with history; in year 1899 the Johanna Christina was launched. At that time she had only one mast and was 24metres long. The ship carried freight trough the Dutch inland waterways; first by sails later utilising an engine. The ship was extended in length twice up to her present 36 metres.

IIn 1990 the ship was modified to a modern, comfortable and sportive passenger sailing ship. Her name was changed to Actief in order to remind of her active history


Dimensions Actief 36 * 5,5m
Port of Registry Harlingen
Sail area 375m2
Energy supply 220 - 24 volt
Double cabins 6
One and a half bed cabins 2
Four bed cabins 4
Bed-linen onderlaken kussen en sloop
Blankets ja, niet inclusief
Toilettes 3
Showers 3
Heating Centraal
Fridge 3
Icebox 40 ltr


Here you can see a photo of the saloon.

Press left mouse button and move in order to browse through saloon.

Shift for zoom-in

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The cabins are fitted out comfortably and tastefully. There are different arrangements like following:

    2cabins with 1 1/2 bed

    6 cabins with 2 single beds

    4 cabins with 4 single beds


On deck you have the option to learn all about sailing that sort of ship. It is also possible simply to relax. That is for the guests who are mostly interested in enjoying the picturesque seaports.

The skipper, may I introduce?....

Your host and skipper on the Actief is Droes (say Droos) Koopmans. Droes used to work in health service until he hired on board a sailing ship in 1988. That way he made his hobby his profession. In 1990 he bought his own charter ship the Mercurius. Since 2000 Droes sails with the Actief the Waddensea, IJsselsea and the Friesian inland waters. He has loads of experience as he sails since his youth. Skipper and Mat will have the pleasure to tell you everything about sailing the Actief. All routes are possible in principle, of course depending on wind and tide and on agreement with the skipper.

Droes is a friendly and engaged host and as a real sailing fan he likes to take guests on his tours